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Email Marketing

Highly Effective, Very Affordable

Stay in touch with your customers in a personalized approach. Our experience shows that no marketing channel consistently returns a better return on investment than a properly implemented email marketing campaign.

E-mail Marketing Builds Customer Loyalty

Email marketing remains highly profitable, especially when used for customer retention. Take that to the bank! Quris Research indicates that loyal email subscribers -- the 40% of customers "who would go out of their way to patronize a company whose permission e-mail programs they like" -- make more purchases and spend more online than those customers who do not feel the same loyalty.

"Customer retention email campaigns account for the greatest share of permission email marketing spending." [Source: Jupiter Research]

"Repeat customers are clearly the most valuable. They convert at the highest rates (20%), spend the most time on your website (7.69 seconds on average), look at 16.83 page views per session, and spend the most: $180 on average." [Source: DoubleClick] 


Email marketing

Full Service Email Marketing Solutions

Don't have time to publish your email newsletter consistently and on-time? Leave it to our us and you'll be growing relationships with your customers helping make the cash register ring. A-Z email marketing solutions includes:

  • Strategic consultation and analysis
  • Address book management
  • Full copywriting and editing
  • Graphic design
  • Photo / image selection
  • Proofing and approval before distribution
  • Email distribution
  • Traffic tracking and analysis